Through a reputation built on Quality, Innovation and on-time delivery, AMBC has successfully undertaken and implemented the following projects:

More than 60 substations ranging from 132 KV (capacity) and above 

The supply of 132kV switchgears for 22 substations

More than 100 substations and associated cables of 33/11kV voltage levels of more than 1000km

The design, assembly and support of substations protection and control system for more than 100 substations

The supply, erection, testing and commisioning of 132kV gas insulated substations for more than 10 Nos

The supply and installation of 275/132kV x 240mva auto transformers for 10 Nos


AMBC Transmission is committed to Quality Assurance and Engineering excellence. This commitment to excellence is one of the criteria in getting clients’ confidence and winning major contracts. Some testimonials include:

More than 1000km of 275kV transmission lines in peninsular and East Malaysia

Completion of Malaysia’s first quad conductor for transmission lines at Paka, Terengganu for YTL Power

The first transmission line using all-aluminium alloy conductor (AAAC) in Malaysia

The completion of powertrek’s 275kV transmission line on lumpsum turnkey basis in a record period of seven (7) months

The first to be awarded the contact for lightning arrestor on transmission line